There is no doubt about the huge relationship between body and mind and how they interact and then impact on your emotional self

How are you??

Mahatma Gandhi said…a Nations Culture is in the hearts and in souls of its people.

You might not be a Nation, but you sure are part of one and as such you make up the culture.

What kind of culture are you part of?

Culture is like an iceberg.

The part that can be seen above the waves reflects the behaviours and outcomes that can surprise and sometimes frustrate us all. These are often the artifacts and consequences of culture rather than the values, beliefs, and assumptions that actually drive the culture.

The bulk of the iceberg is the submerged part, this comprises the “shared beliefs and assumptions” which has been shaped over generations and can, when right, punch a titanic hole through life.

What is your company culture like? is it open and safe – or do you feel unable to speak?

How does that impact on your health and wellness?

I’m going to hit you with a few facts and stats:

In 2017/ 2018 there were 17.9 million lost working days due to poor Mental Health, this cost the economy £105 billon!

This means in any given week 1 in 6 people suffered with mental health and that equates to 55% of all illnesses being mental health related.

But over 38% of those people felt they couldn’t talk about it.

The national average of suicides is 18 suicides a day in the UK! That’s made up of 4/5 ‘normal people’ and 12/15 construction workers.

I would wager that these figures in the 20/21 year and the 21/22 year would be even higher with the added stresses and strains of the pandemic and the pursuing panic-demic.

So, what can we do about it!

– Promoting Greater Mental Health and Emotional Well-being thru Physical Fitness and Holistic Wellness –

Talk about it – get it out – then do something about it!!


Health is about the condition or state that you and your body and mind are in.

We’re interested in holistic health!

This relates to the whole of your ‘being’ based on the constituent parts!

Each component of our health impacts the other parts of our life and on the totality of our well-being!


Fuelling the ‘machine’ with the best fuel and lubricating it with the best ‘oil’


As Personal Training Specialists all of our programmes are ‘client’ led – that means we take whatever you want and want for your ‘team’ and tailor our Wellness Packages to suit your needs!

We offer talks, workshops, and physical training sessions all with your specifications in mind.

We can discuss nutrition and eating best practice!

We can offer a multitude of physical fitness sessions! Ranging from Pilates to Pump! From Combat to Conditioning! From Yoga to HIIT!

We can offer life coaching and motivational inspiration sessions!

Whatever your company is looking to do in order to improve your health and well being we can help you out!


If you or a member of your team think they would like to know more about improving the health, well-being and overall wellness of you and your company then get in touch – Or you can call us on 07578343141

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