Buddy Training

There are several benefits to signing up for our ‘Buddy and Small Group Personal Training’ programme.

It’s more affordable, sharing the cost is always a great thing!

Training with a friend is fun and great for family relations!

Being in a Small Group helps generate energy!


30, 45 or 60-minute sessions available. Contact us using the quick form below and we will get back to you asap. Alternatively, you can call Dan direct on 07578 343141


We all know that 1-2-1 training is the fastest and best way to achieve your goals. 

Training with a friend or a Small Group towards a common goal is more rewarding and more fun.

Sharing the cost is easier on the finances.

Find a ‘Bubby’ and get in touch to see how we can help you and your buddy become the greatest version of YOU. 

Or join one of our already existing Small Group Pt sessions and get fitter and healthier today!



More than just fitness training – being part of our FitFam gives you access to a coach 24 hours a day – physical fitness makes up part of what we do BUT it’s so much more – it’s mindset and mental – it’s emotional and supportive – it’s spiritual and pastoral – once you’re in the ‘gang’ you get all the benefits of a ‘coach on your phone’


I look forward to my Small Group Pt sessions, as a group we’ve formed a real ‘bond’ a genuine friendship of lovely people who are supportive , kind and more importantly make me laugh! Over the weeks we’ve seen marked improvement in our physique. Dan our coach has excellent coaching skills , thoughtful and patient. With a variety of exercises, so no two weeks are the same. Would recommend these sessions to anyone complementing a new form of exercise
I find Small Group Pt such a massive part of my fitness journey! Not only do we get to train specific areas with likeminded people, it's also a place where we can share our thoughts without being judged. Doing pt in small groups is so affordable but also fun. It's like catching up with friends. I always leave with a positive mindset and have a laugh along the way. I have learnt fitness can be fun, whilst gaining muscle, toning up and losing weight. I always leave these groups on a super high and highly recommend them.
Becky W
Small Group Pt helps:
Spur each other on
Pick each other up when having a bad day.
Personal element but in a small group setting.
Great for everyone no matter what fitness abilities.
Camaraderie between us all.
Social element
Zoe E
The small group sessions are a great way to keep fit, both mentally and physically, for me the mental health benefits are my number one. Such a lovely group of people where you don’t feel judged, even if you’re a complete mental babbler like myself!! the motivation and drive you get from a small group to go along even on days when you’re not feeling your best is great. I know for me, my panic and anxiety can try to get the better of me, but knowing your going to a “safe” environment is great
Aimee K

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