Our online and offline body and mind transformation programme

We have put our Life Coaching book: the 28 day Spring Clean up into an on-line coaching course. Based on this book, and utilising some of the key steps from our coaching program, this course is designed to be super user-friendly and really simple to make it achievable and bring success to your life!

How does it work? You start when you like – we arrange a time that’s mutually convenient to work out your specific body statistics. Then, we work through some of the simple but effective coaching tools to bring peace, happiness and success to your life whilst reducing your body fat percentage.

Each step is designed to build good habits to help you realise your goals and potential. These will have a positive effect in all the areas of your life!


The CHUB CLUB joining fee is £60 and then costs £12 per month thereafter. Sign-up now on PayPal – you don’t need an account!



At the start, and every month you get your weight and body statistics. See video here…


You then get an intro to a personalised C.I.C.E eating plan which inline with your SMARTT goals helps you to succeed


You receive a “Coach on your phone” tool so you have 24 hour group coaching support


You get inclusive access to our CHUB CLUB selected online fitness workouts


Our CHUB CLUB programme is now available as a stand alone instantly accessible course and available for you to do at any time!

CHUB CLUB is a Body and Mind Transformation – it’s about tidying up your bad habits!

It’s about setting goals and then how to achieve them!

It’s about looking at your body and realising how brilliant it is and then getting that brilliance in the real world!

It’s about losing weight and losing body fat!

It’s about giving your health and well being some serious attention!

In this first part we go thru steps 1-5!

Designed for anyone and everyone who wants to take ownership of their life and improve their wellbeing whilst tidying up your bad habits and losing some excess body fat in the process.

By taking some simple steps and utilising them to create good habits and trump the bad ones that are causing your life and weight and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to spiral out of control.

Hit the ‘I Want This!’ Button for instant access and get your health and wellbeing journey off and running!

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Join today for the chance to win!

Throughout the year we give the CHUB CLUB a competitive element and the chance to use that natural competitive element to help achieve our weight-loss goals.

We start with the standard weigh in, but not just scales. We take your body composition of fat, muscle, your viseceral fat and work out your metabloic rate (how many calories you need to stay alive) and then we weigh again 5 or 10 weeks later.

From all those that enrol whoever looses the biggest proportion of body fat percentage wins the pot. For the competition, £5 from the joining fee goes into the Chub Club winners pot. In the “Autumn Clean Up” CHUB CLUB, the pot had £385 in it and our winner, Emma, lost over 6.8kg of body fat!


All I can say is that once I was being weighed I decided that I no longer wanted to be that weight any more. So in spite of the Corona virus I have continued to exercise for an hour most days and have continued to have very healthy and sensible meals. I am proud to have gone from being 76.3kg to 66.1kg. I feel so much better now and will continue to carry on with this plan.
I would highly recommend CHUB CLUB with Lisa and Dan Sobey. Their support and guidance helped me to achieve my long standing battle with reducing my body fat. Adopting a holistic approach enabled me to not just think about my diet but also helped me to re focus my mind. One of Sobey Fitnesses mantras is healthy body healthy mind. This positive attitude helped me to loose 6.4% body fat in just 5 weeks
I joined Chub Club as a last minute decision to get ‘Summer Ready’ in 2019. Not knowing at the time quite what to expect, I was delighted with the immediate encouragement and support from Dan and Lisa. For me, it was a case of dropping the food that I knew I was having too much of, which was bread and crisps. It was a bad habit that I needed to get out of! My children knew that if I cheated I would have to pay 50p to Chubby Sobey (The Sin Tin!) Not wanting to let the children down, this itself was a motivation to keep on-track. Most of all though, for me, it was affordable, achievable, well supported and a competition. The competition element gave me ‘the edge’ to stay with it, in the hope that I might win! I never went hungry, I upped my exercise and I found the six week programme very do-able. My winnings became spending money for me and children on our holiday in Cornwall – what could be better! Dan and Lisa are brilliant and are always there to help; whatever that help might be!”

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next 10 week competition: the spring into summer CHUB CLUB - 10 WEEK COACHING PROGRAMME STARTING may 13th

Starting from May 13th 2024!!!!

You can totally join up for our next CHUB CLUB 10 week programme for the regular £60 or – you can sign up for our super 10 week package!!!! Usual price £195!!!

Whats included??

Entry onto CHUB CLUB programme – Valued at £60!

Online access to FaceTime Fitness – thats 15 live sessions a week! (valued at £30 for 10 weeks!)

Plus catch ups workout sessions on our web site!

Live weekly CHUB CLUB touch point!

Catch up CHUB CLUB TOUCH-POINTS On demand thru our web site!

A choice of 1 live real life class per week! (Value of £60 over 10 weeks)

Personalised C.I.C.E plan and 30 min 1-2-1 nutritional coaching session! (valued at £60)

Membership onto our Facebook and WhatsApp groups so you have a ‘24 hr access to a coach’

Motivation gets you going – habit keeps you on track

Total Value £195!


We have recorded a series of podcasts explaining more about CHUB CLUB. Check it out on your preferred platform below…

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