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Urban Gym

Re-Starting March 29th 2021🤗

Current Workout Times:

Monday and Tuesday 7:15pm, Thursday 6:30pm

Monday 7am, Tuesday 10:45am, Friday 11:30am, Sunday 9:45am

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£5 per session – concessions to FaceTime Fitness/CHUB CLUB members – Just hit the PayPal Buy Now button:

Premier Outdoor Training in Plymouth  

In line with current Covid-19 best policy and practise our 2021 season is about to get going!!

A ‘fun’, ‘functional’

Workout blending the attention and intensity of

A personal training session with the

Energy and dynamic versatility of a group class

You will run, jump and exercise outdoors!!

As we spring into Summer why not try taking your exercise outside?? There is lots of evidence to suggest that working out outside is not only great for improving energy levels but also decreases stress to a greater extent than working out inside.

One study (Thompson Coon J,et al Environ. Sci. Technol 20011) training outdoors came with a slew of benefits, these included feelings of revitalisation, decreased anger and increased energy.

If we were to use the word fulfilment, or vitality another study (actually 5 studies by – Ryan Richard et al in the Journal of environmental psychology) showed that those that exercised outside felt more ‘alive’, ‘energetic’, and ‘enthusiastic’ than when they did a similar workout indoors.


Greater workout: as a general rule, when you look at your calorie burn, an outdoor workout uses about 30% more calories! Hills, wind, varying temperature act as natural resistance factors, plus the uneven ground creates greater activation of your core and balance muscles!

Improved mental health: Light affects mood! So getting out in the sun – even when its behind the (rain) clouds helps create a ‘good mood’ feeling.

Vitamin D: sticking with being out in the sun is Vitamin D aka the sunshine vitamin, this vitamin is boosted from sunlight and has shown to bolster our immune system and help in bone strength.

Self esteem: training outside has been shown to boost feelings of self esteem and self worth! This is linked in with the idea of ‘connecting with mother nature’. Spending time out in the environment enhances feeling of connectivity with your ‘local’ and ‘larger’ environment….. in essence it’s good for your soul, and a great laugh!!! 😊





Our Urban Gym workout program utilises some of the great urban spaces in the Plymouth area, each session will follow a similar pattern but each session will be different to the last!


Activities will include:

  • boxing

  • running

  • sprinting

  • agility training

  • circuit training

  • resistance workouts

  • insanity training

  • interval sets

  • whole body workout

  • TRX suspension training

2019 workout vids:

Some clips from previous years: