Sobey Fitness is husband and wife Dan and Lisa, quite often seen around the Plymouth area either on foot whilst out training with a client, on their bikes with their children in tow, in the studio of the main health and fitness clubs leading group exercise classes, or at their bespoke personal training gym.

Both Lisa and Dan, and indeed the whole of their family and lifestyle is all about the promotion of a healthy and fit body, mind and spirit, it’s not just living the dream it is being the dream.

Be the dream you want to be with Sobey Fitness.


Dan Sobey, Chief Instructor for the Trojan Academy of Mixed Martial Arts and founder of Sobey Fitness, Dan adheres to a philosophy of getting the body moving, a philosphy he practices as much as he preaches.

A keen athlete from an early age, Dan competed and trained in a variety of sports and physical activities at a variety of levels from school boy, college, university, county and national level. Representing himself and clubs in a range of sports to include: football, rugby, cricket, squash, athletics and basketball.

Dans main passion however is the Martial Arts. With over 30 years of martial arts experience with training in a plethora of martial arts styles in a number of different countries and with more than 15 years of instruction under his belt, Dan offers a full comprehensive work out programme to all his clients.

No matter their goals, Dan along with his wealth of knowledge and effective coaching style can guarentee a successfull, fun and functional outcome.

As a fully qualified fitness, martial arts and Pilates instructor, Dan can offer his clients a diversity of training that works the whole body and can be adapted to his clients needs.

As a self published author, he, along with Lisa, have pushed Sobey Fitness into the Life Coaching world and expanded from the ‘regular’ sphere of health fitness into other avenues such as workplaces and community environments.

If you want to try some training with Dan then get in touch via our CONTACT US page, or drop him a call/text on 07578343141

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Meet Lisa

With over 26 years as a group fitness instructor Lisa is a highly regarded female personal trainer and group fitness instructor in the Plymouth area. Her fun, energetic and charismatic personality have seen countless people achieve their fitness goals, and brought out their enjoyment in exercise.

Originally a representative instructor and dietitian for Rosemary Conley, Lisa then progressed into running a busy studio for a national health club chain, she then advanced to fitness manager and then on to general manager.

Now a mother to 3 children she brings her skills and qualities acquired within the fitness industry into a 1-to-1 and small group basis.

With a great passion for health and fitness, Lisa promotes the ideal of making the most out of every occasion. It’s this passion that has helped numerous people achieve their personal goals, ranging from losing weight to running a half marathon Lisa offers genuine encouragement to all her clients.

If training with Lisa is something you might like to do then CONTACT US to arrange a consultation or drop her a call or text on 07971174032

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