Sobey Fitness is based on delivering what you, the client wants…

…our tailor-made corporate courses look to fulfil the demands of our client’s needs, we currently offer a plethora of self-protection based sessions to include:

  • self-defence awareness
  • edged weapon awareness
  • blunt weapon defence
  • breakaway techniques
  • how to fall
  • restraint and standing
  • grapple
  • pre-emptive and ballistic hitting

…and the great thing is that we have the flexibility to cater the same course to different groups of people depending on their needs, ranging from young people to security professionals and the general public.

If you or your company are interested in a self-protection based workshop then please get in touch for more details


Contact us using the quick form below and we will get back to you asap. Alternatively, you can call Dan direct on 07578 343141


Urban gym has been so refreshing & rewarding improving my general fitness & wellbeing. Best thing about urban is it’s structured and planned for all people no matter what age or fitness, which makes it enjoyable for all participants. The added bonus is everyone is leaving with a smile on their face from evey urban session
Been doing personal training for a number of years & it’s what I need for my mindset as well as my health & fitness. I know I will have a hard varied workout twice a wk with Lisa knowing my exact capabilities with what I can & can’t do, she pushes me hard & gets my head in the right headspace which is just what I need!
Urban Gym has helped me realise that exercise doesn't have to feel like a punishment - it can be a fun experience if you have the right people around you. That's what keeps me coming back - the people, the fun and the laughter!