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Studio 2

Welcome to Studio 2 the home of our 1-2-1 and Small Group Pt sessions 🤗🤗

It was during the first lockdown that here at SobeyFitness we realised we had to make a few changes to adapt to a world that needed to be Covid Safe and make SobeyFitness Pandemic proof and independent of any other venue in order to give our FitFam a place to get fit, stay fit and get fitter! 🤩🤩

Check out this Transformation of Studio 2 video:

So, what happens in Studio 2? With enough space for up to 6 people (based on Covid restrictions) and outdoor space for a few more we can work 1-2-1 and Small Group Pt sessions.

Take a look:

Small Group Pt beautifully fuses together the energy and social element of a group BUT maintains the attentiveness and intensity of a personal training session 👍👍

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