We're about promoting health and well-being

Over the past 20+ years we’ve been about developing people! And helping to promote greater mental health and emotional wellbeing through physical fitness and wholistic wellness. 

We’re about educating and communicating the benefits of good health and growing a caring community where a culture of inclusive diversity promotes and safe and happy environment.

We’ve won Regional and National Recognition for our various programmes both Online and in real life (IRL) making our business a real and professionally caring company. 


Promoting greater mental health and emotional well-being through physical fitness and holistic wellness

Sobey Fitness is husband and wife team Dan and Lisa Sobey based in Plymouth in the South West of the U.K – the sweet spot of the Universe! With collectively over 40 years of professional health and physical fitness training, Sobey Fitness leads the way in effective and holistic health, fitness, wellness and well-being training.

Recently voted as one of the top 50 ‘coolest’ and influential people in Plymouth – despite what their children say!

With a collection of training qualifications, coupled with years of knowledgeable experience Sobey Fitness follows a functionally based and SMARTT training (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time and Time framed) programme that is individually tailored to the individuals’ needs.

Mental Health and Wellness Specialists - devon 2024

We’re super excited to have received our Award from The GHP – Mental Health Awards.

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Chub Club

Our on, and offline, body and mind transformation programme


Trojan Academy

Our mixed Martial Arts and self defence classes


Personal Training

Our personal training programme built specifically to your personal goals



12 part course designed to help beginners and advanced Pilates, Yoga and Yogalates


Life coaching

Life Coaching based on a holistic approach made for you


Urban Gym

Real-life training, safe outdoor group workouts


Facetime Fitness

Train at home or on the go with Face Time Fitness training


Studio 2

1-2-1 and Small Group Personal Training sessions


The driving force behind Sobey Fitness

Sobey Fitness is husband and wife, Dan and Lisa, quite often seen around the Plymouth area either on foot whilst out training with a client, on their bikes with their children in tow, in the studio of the main health and fitness clubs leading group exercise classes, or at their bespoke personal training gym.

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Me and my hubbie love face time fitness . Variety of fun classes in the comfort of your own home. Lisa and Dad are brilliant instructors. Have tried classes I never thought I would. Also have loved Urban Gym . Fun outdoor exercise with a great bunch of people
I use Sobey Fitness for Urban Gym, the outdoor areas selected are ideal, Dan and Lisa provide a professional and fun service, making each trip an aching joy!!
Urban gym has been so refreshing & rewarding improving my general fitness & wellbeing. Best thing about urban is it’s structured and planned for all people no matter what age or fitness, which makes it enjoyable for all participants. The added bonus is everyone is leaving with a smile on their face from evey urban session
Sobey Fitness has become life for the last 4 months and will remain in my life until I finish!
We love Facetime Fitness. It provides great value for money and we enjoy keeping fit at times that suits us. The classes are friendly, informal and enjoyable. We appreciate the flexibility of joining live via zoom or catching up online to suit our lifestyle. We join in with Yoga, Pilates, Yogalates, Body Conditioning, Pump and HIT! A great mix of workouts and great value for money. Thank you, Dan and Lisa, from two much fitter retirees
Been doing personal training for a number of years & it’s what I need for my mindset as well as my health & fitness. I know I will have a hard varied workout twice a wk with Lisa knowing my exact capabilities with what I can & can’t do, she pushes me hard & gets my head in the right headspace which is just what I need! Regarding face time fitness I love the variety of everything - the variety of different classes at different times, the fact I can do some live & I also get the videos to watch & do the classes in my own time. It’s amazing value for all those classes to do either live or in my own time & it feels like a great community as well with all the members involved & the social aspect that Lisa & dan make an effort to bring to the group
PT with Dan via Zoom has helped me stay well and whole through the lockdowns.I feel more toned and stronger,even helped to revive my frozen up shoulder. Highly recommend and I am a bit exercise averse
Pump is my go to twice weekly on demand work out with weights. Its incredible at keeping the core strong, Body toned and inducing muscle strength. The more you do the more results you see. All expertly delivered by Sobey Fitness in live classes, In person or on demand. The results are more than physical. So if you have aspirations to get body and mind fit within a very positive, encouraging and supportive environment then, “Congratulations” search no more. This team win awards for a reason. Everything you need in one place AND you can go at your own pace and at a time to suit you. I have tried all the Sobey Fitness workouts and my family favourite is the Weekend Wakeup Workout (we love it) My Daughters also love the Combat workouts and Sunday Stretch so you will eventually fine tune your workouts to what you and your family enjoy most.
SobeyFitness have a drive and enthusiasm that has touched many of us during this Covid Pandemic. It’s been hard to exercise and keep well but Dan and Lisa devised exercises to support us all to keep us motivated . The zoom exercises were conducted daily various times , lots of variety plus we were able to access again if unable to attend at the alloted times .Always cheerful , there to listen and encourage us to be positive . Urban gym now back up and running . The exercises are imaginative, varied encompassing all abilities / ages and more importantly fun !

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Welcome into our fitness community!

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We have a holistic approach to wellness, and recognise that physical fitness can greatly improve mental health and emotional wellbeing!

By recognising that whilst we’re all individuals, we are all very similar! We run 1-2-1 Personal training and Small group sessions. We run indoor and Outdoor larger group workouts. We have an Award Winning Online Fitness Programme. We have a Body and Mind Transformation Programme that helps achieve the body and mind you want! 

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