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What is it?

A key component of martial arts training is to actually be able to use the techniques being taught Sparring is a form of training common to many combat sports. Although the precise form varies, it is essentially relatively ‘free-form’ fighting, with enough rules, customs, or agreements to make injuries unlikely.

I like to describe sparring as friendly fighting; we use our martial arts skills but in a friendly ‘play’ like manner.

What’s the point?

There can be no doubt that sparring is a very useful tool in our skill development and its incorporation into a training regime is a very sensible idea. It encourages many varied skills to get developed, control and timing being two main contributing factors.

Who can spar?

Anyone can spar but having some fundamental training reduces the risk of injury, often it is not the beginner that gets injured but the person paired with the beginner as a level of control is required to make the most of the sparring session.

What do you need?

Depending on the rules can determine what kit is needed, at the Trojan Academy we recommend the following for in class sparring:

10oz Boxing gloves

Shin/Instep pads

Groin guards

Gum shields

Head guards

Talk to your instructor about getting your own kit

What are the rules?

We employ many variations on the sparring theme, but the two fundamental principles apply to all sparring types:

1: Protect yourself – keep your guard up

2: Protect your partner – keep control, of your weapons, of your mind and of yourself.