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Kickboxing is a very generic term that refers to the striking elements of the martial arts. In simple terms it is the ability to use your hands/punches (the boxing part) and your legs – the kicking part.

In the wider sense, it includes all stand-up combat sports that allow both punching and kicking, including Savate,  Muay Thai, Indian boxing, Burmese boxing, Sanshou, styles of karate (Japanese, Korean and Okinawan) western boxing, Yaw-Yan, kung fu and Capoeira

Each different kickboxing style has a focus on different aspects and may specialise in one area, ie western boxing focuses on punching!!.

Kickboxing makes up the central training component of the Trojan Academy Mixed Martial Arts and acts as a great foundation to build a holistic martial artist.

This class will not only teach you a wide range of skills but is also great for developing fitness; flexibility, self-confidence, and self-defence.

Progressive kickboxing takes a broad look at a variety of martial arts styles and looks to utilise all of them and what works best for you in a whole variety of environments.

Whilst it’s widely acknowledged that most fights end up in the ‘clinch’ all conflicts start from the striking range and so its very important for the avid martial artist to have a good set of striking tools, ranging from feet, knees, elbows, fists, and everything in between.

The way of the intercepting fist – “Using no way as way” & “Having no limitation as limitation”.