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Eskrima – Kali – Arnis / FMA

Eskrima, also known as Arnis or Kali, is the traditional martial arts of the Philipines and South Eastern Asia. Generally percieved as a weapons based fighting system that utilises sticks (of various sizes), blades (ranging from small daggers to large swords) and improvised weapons.

Although training starts with weapons, empty hand techniques, trapping and limb destruction are core parts of these arts as the weapon is considered merely an extension of the body.

Eskrima comprises of many levels of training, ranging from the staff (long stick), double stick, stick and dagger, single stick, dagger and dagger, single dagger, flexible weapons (nunchaku) and then into empty handed techniques of panantukan (boxing), pananjakman (kicking), dumog (wrestling) and Buno (submissions).

The Filipino Martial Arts can be seen as a wholistic martial arts programme, which is at the very core of the Trojan Academy of Mixed Martial Arts and philosophy of the Sobey Fitness training programme. 

The H Form, taken from San Miguel Eskrima:

H form – double stick

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