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Face Time Fitness – Live Streamed ‘lockdown proof’ Workouts – Fitness Your Way

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Whilst holidays are a great get-a-way and a break from the routine of normal life, they don’t have to mean a break from your fitness training and letting your health and fitness slip resulting in you taking a step backwards in your fitness goals.

Here at Sobey Fitness we offer clients the chance to stay in touch even though they are miles apart.

Through the wonders of modern technology, we offer our clients the opportunity to train via the internet with Face Time (or Skype, or one of our other video calling products) Fitness training.

For our clients that use Apple products and have Face Time capability we are able to come with you to the hotel gym, the local park or even train in your conservatory. For those that don’t have Face Time we can do exactly the same but with Skype or Zoom.

Our distance training fitness program allows your trainer to see what equipment and spaces are available to you and then they can put you through a great workout even from the other side of the world.

Couple of FAQ’s
Do I need FaceTime?
Nope! We just use the ‘term’ FaceTime to best describe what we are doing – exercising via the internet – rather than what we are using 👍 as long as you have internet access you can join in 👍

Can you see me?
Only if you want to be seen! Our group workouts use Zoom or Facebook Live platforms. On Zoom you can turn your camera off or on! Facebook is a ‘one way’ system so we couldn’t see you anyways!!

I’m technically useless!
Nonsense!! It’s really simple and we’re happy to help get you set up – my 73yr old mum is a regular FaceTime Fitness attendee – if she can do it anyone can!

I don’t have the motivation at home!
Like going to a ‘regular’ class, our live workouts help you to diarise your exercise schedule to keep you motivated and we keep you informed and engaged through our WhatsApp and Facebook groups👍

Are they recorded?
Yep! The routines (not you!) are filmed and then uploaded to our YouTube channel and as a FaceTime Fitness member you get the link to them so, if you miss a session or want to relive a session you can!!

If you want to know more and train whilst away, get in touch with your trainer.

Face Time is a trademark of Apple Inc. it is used here in good faith to refer to the method of video calling using Face Time on Apple iOS devices.

New for 2020 as part of our CHUB CLUB monthly subscription service we have regular group exercise sessions via our Zoom meeting room – and in light of the recent Coronavirus episode we’ve opened up membership to our Live Streamed Exercise classes to all.

What classes are we running?

Body Conditioning: An all over workout that can improve your overal fitness, help get into great shape and feel fab about your body – using aerobics and toning.

Pump: A whole body approach resistance workout – considered to be the fastest way to change your body shape!

S.H.I.I.T.: This is our SobeyFitness High Intensity Interval Training – suitable for all because you workout at your level – but designed to improve your fitness in the maximal way possible.

Yogalates: This is a mixture of Yoga and Pilates and blends in a great combination of stretch and strength – core and alignment principles!

Kids Fit: This is a Kickboxing based fitness session that is suitable for all the family to get involved with, but is young person centric. Get the whole family moving with this workout.

Combat: This is an empowering workout suitable for all, using Martial Arts and Boxing techniques to destress and improve strength and fitness.

Lockdown 28!! This is our daily challenge of 28 reps of several different exercises – an ‘extra’ treat for all those who want a little extra! During the 28 days of Lockdown 2!

The Battle of Abs ‘N’ Core: Getting to the core of the situation – this workout is designed to bring functional strength to your abs, ore and lower back!

The Weekend Wakeup Workout: a fun fuelled energetic Saturday morning athletic based bodyweight workout.

Most sessions are 30 mins long!!!! some are 45mins!! Times are in GMT!!

Check out this clip about FaceTime Fitness featured on BBC SPOTLIGHT

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Getting a Bluetooth headset is really useful to get your coach right in your ear!!! here are some useful tools

This is a great Bluetooth receiver:

Our FaceTime Fitness clients recommend using these head phones:

A slightly lower cost option are:

If you have an Apple device you might want some Air Pods!

These are a good deal on Amazon at the moment:

Connect your device to the TV – use an adapter to connect a HDMI cable to the TV – here are some links

Lower cost iPhone connector

Try this one for Android