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C.I.C.E Plan


Welcome to our Calories In Calories Out – C.I.C.E plan 🤗 part of our CHUB CLUB body and mind transformation programme

Most of us most of the time have a pretty healthy relationship with our food, drink and ourselves – BUT, every now and then things get a little out of sync!

So, we decide to do something about it – however, with so much contrary information out there what should we do??

The reason we gain or lose weight is when the amount of energy/calories being consumed is different to the amount of energy and calories being used!

It’s as simple as that! right? 

Well, not quite. You see in our rational brains we simple say “if I eat nothing I’ll lose weight!”

But of course the body is in charge of the body so it throws a spanner in the works – and whilst not eating will indeed lose your weight – it won’t do it in a sustainable, achievable and maintainable way!

What about macros??

Macros are the main food groups:

Carbs, proteins and Fats!!

“Let’s cut the carbs” we often hear, well whilst reducing them might help cutting them completely is not such a great idea!

Our CICE plan is tailored to you to work out what your calories expenditure is, and then how many calories and in what proportions of macros you need to tip the scales in the direction you want it to go👏👏

Check out our intro video:


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