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Telemetry Training

Welcome to our Telemetry Training Page

Telemetry refers to the heart, and this type of training is all about paying attention to your heart rate.

This is a really great way to see how much effort you are putting into your training.

Using heart rate data you can help become the fittest YOU possible.

Heart rate communication is based on maximum heart rate (HRmax).

HRmax is the maximum beats per minute and it varies person to person and how heart rate changes from sport to sport and workout sessions. To work out your maximum heart rate we use the simple equation 220 – your age = HRmax

We workout using 5 zones, each zone relates to a level of HRmax and activate different health and fitness benefits.

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We use heart rate telemetry in both our PT sessions as well as in our group classes. If you want to try some Telemetry Training then get in touch via our CONTACT US page

Check out this Telemetry reading from a fitness class we did – 39 mins in zone 5! that is maximum zone training!

Come and give it a try.


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