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Face Time Fitness

Whilst holidays are a great get-a-way and a break from the routine of normal life, they don’t have to mean a break from your fitness training and letting your health and fitness slip resulting in you taking a step backwards in your fitness goals.

Here at Sobey Fitness we offer clients the chance to stay in touch even though they are miles apart.

Through the wonders of modern technology, we offer our clients the opportunity to train via the internet with Face Time (or Skype) Fitness training.

For our clients that use Apple products and have Face Time capability we are able to come with you to the hotel gym, the local park or even train in your conservatory. For those that don’t have Face Time we can do exactly the same but with Skype.

Our distance training fitness program allows your trainer to see what equipment and spaces are available to you and then they can put you through a great workout even from the other side of the world.

If you want to know more and train whilst away, get in touch with your trainer.

Check out Paul training in the park in Budapest whilst Dan is at Sobey Fitness HQ:

facetime paul                      facetime paul2

Try a FaceTime fitness session get in touch!

Face Time is a trademark of Apple Inc. it is used here in good faith to refer to the method of video calling using Face Time on Apple iOS devices.