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Summer CHUB CLUB winner presentation


Relaunching on January 20th 2020!!!!

We have put our book: the 28 day spring clean up into a 5 part on-line coaching course.

Based on our book, and utilising 5 of the key steps from our coaching program this course is designed to be super user friendly and really simple to make it achievable and bring success to your life!!

How does it work? re-starting on January 20th, our on-line course works through some of the simple, yet effective coaching tools to bring peace, happiness and success to your life.

Each step is released a week apart, and for that week you read, listen, study and apply the principles, theories and exercises into your daily life.

Slowly forming new and positive habits to your world…….

These can and do work in all the areas of your life……

The cost of the course is £20….. £5 of which goes into the CHUB CLUB winners pot!!

Whoever gets the best result in CHUB CLUB is crowned the ‘biggest loser’ and takes the prize.

Our Autumn winner – Wendy Davies took the ca$h prize of £355!!!!

Payment confirms your enrolment so follow the PayPal link to book on and sign up for £20


Hang on!! What’s CHUB CLUB??


This is our BODY TRANSFORMATION part of our programme that runs in line with our Spring Clean Up coaching course, in essence it brings the ideas and coaching principles of the Spring Clean Up into a ‘real’ focused way – that being your body and your weight!

 How does the CHUB CLUB work?

Starting from January 20th we are weighing in! but not just scales, we take your body composition of fat, muscle, your viseceral fat and work out your metabloic rate (how many calories you need to stay alive) and then we weigh again 5 weeks later!!!!!

From all those that enrol whoever looses the biggest proportion of BODY FAT % wins the pot!!!

What pot??

Like we mentioned earlier, £5 from the entry fee goes into the CHUB CLUB winners pot!!!!

In the Autumn Clean Up –  the pot had £355 in it and the winner – Wendy lost over 10% body fat!!!!!

Sign up for CHUB CLUB and our New Year New You Clean Up coaching course for only £20 and utilise the coaching skills into this competition!!

Hit the BUY NOW link to enrol now for £20


Sign up for the Autumn Clean Up for £20 here to include the Online Coaching plus CHUB CLUB