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3 Month Coaching Package

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Lighthouse Lifecoaching

Sometimes in Life it feels like you are travelling along a dark highway with only a small flicker of light to light the way.

The most important person in your life is YOU, so investing some attention on YOUR intentions is an important thing to do.

Starting this autumn we are launching our 3 month coaching package.

You’re reading this page because you recognise that like an Olympic athlete, like a business executive, like the free beautiful person you are, you want to make the most of your life.

You want to draw out your unique skills, gifts and talents and make them work for you.

You want to identify your life purpose, that’s the thing that when you do the whole of YOUR world rotates with joy and effortless ease.

3 Month Coaching Package

We are all at different stages on our journey and it doesn’t matter what has gone before or where you are in your personal/financial/physical/emotional or spiritual adventure we all encounter the same setbacks and problems, we all feel the same excitement and fear, we all experience the same highs and lows.

But who’s in charge? The boss? The bank? Your parents? Your partner? Your Iman/Rabbi/Priest? Your therapist or counsellor?

NOPE! Whilst these all have an input and influence in your life, and whilst they might mean well and be doing the best they’ve been working with, the person who is responsible is YOU.

Responsibility is an ability to RESPOND…. How you act and react, what you do and where you go is up to YOU.

We can measure success in many ways, many ultimately view success as happiness, how happy are you? With each aspect of your life? Same answer? Or is there an area you would like to improve on?

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3 Month Coaching Package

Our 3 month coaching package is tailor-made for YOU.

Our initial meeting is a conversation of clearing, we clear out all the ‘junk’ all the problems and work out a plan of action.

We utilise NLP training to change that way of thinking, we use the ‘secret’ to attract good things towards you and pull your goals into fruition. We co-actively converse to bring spirit to your life and business.


You get:

  • 24 x 1:1 30 mins sessions with me. This is either face to face, via FaceTime or Skype on the phone. (Usually 2 a week)
  • Unlimited email and messenger support.
  • Quick drop-in calls for creative refreshes or crisis talks!
  • Think of yourself as the Olympic athlete and I’m the guy helping you get your personal best and GOLD medal.


The cost of this is £600, either all up front or spread over 3 x £200 payments.

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Lighthouse Lifecoaching