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Pilates Master Class


Connecting Mind and Body


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a complete exercise method developed by its founder Joseph Pilates over the course of a lifetime dedicated to improving physical and mental health.

Pilates focuses on three areas, re-aligning and correct alignment of the body, improving body posture and core control, this is achieved through a series of low repetition low impact stretching and conditioning exercises.

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When I first mention that I teach Pilates, I get the usual response that the general perception of Pilates is an exercise for old women!! And whilst ‘older’ women do partake in Pilates its fundamentals are so important that I actually incorporate a lot of the breathing and core exercises into just about every exercise session I run.

What’s a masterclass?

Like regular attendance at any exercise class, there naturally develops a greater understanding of a subject, however some extra attention is essentially a good idea.

A key area in Pilates is the idea of trying to get your speed of movement linked to the speed of breathing, and indeed put emphasis and focus into the breathing.

It will come as no surprise that we at Sobey Fitness think that breathing is very important!! Yet so many people don’t do it right and whilst there are different ways to breath,  we look to maximise our breathing potential, to fully inflate the lungs and expand the chest and make the most of our breath,

Breathing does contain that most precious of elements, Oxygen and that gives us the most fundamental ingredient for our bodies’ energy function, so it is important to really establish a great link between our breath and the flow of energy around our bodies, we are energetic bodies but sometimes we forget that.

What’s the point of this masterclass?

This 90 minute masterclass really focuses our mind and body into one and it does this by linking the exercises with the flow of our breath.

It is an opportunity to get some very clear, personal and practical tuition in a very small group environment getting to focus on our breath work.

A small but intensive workshop like this will progress your Pilates understanding at an astounding rate.

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